[NG200315]UV Gel Nail Wraps
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[NG200315]UV Gel Nail Wraps

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Each set of UV Gel Nail Stickers includes the following goodies:
1x 20 Pieces Semicured Nail Strip
Nail File
Wooden Stick (To remove and smooth edges)

**UV Lamp not included. You can get the UV lamp here.


Smallest - 8mm in width
Largest - 17mm in width
Length- 34mm

  • Prep your nails.
    Prep your nails by wiping it down with nail polish remover. This helps remove any natural oil and moisture on your nails.
  • Right fit.
    Choose nail sticker size which fits your finger nail size. There's 20 to choose from, so it suits all finger nails. Big, small or tiny.
  • Stick it.
    Peel off the film on top and apply the semicured gel nail to your finger. Please apply slightly away from the cuticle. You want to make sure the sticker stays on your nails and doesn't touch the skin.
  • Trim it.
    Using the nail filer, file the leftover semicured gel.
    Cure it.
    Cure 2 times under the UV lamp
  • Remove it.
    There's purpose for that tiny wooden stick! Push gently around the edges of the nail to lift up the nail sticker. We recommend soaking the wooden stick in nail polish remover!

Smallest - 8mm in width
Largest - 17mm in width
Length- 34mm

Benefits of semi-cured gel nail stickers?

Affordable - Much cheaper than a manicure at a nail salon. A nail kit can be used twice if you glue the excess back onto the sticker for another manicure. Make sure the nail art stickers are kept away from heat and light sources!
EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE - If you know how to apply stickers, you know how to use this gel nail art sticker!
SAVE TIME - Using gel nail stickers is faster than applying gel nail polish and curing between coats, and faster than making appointments, going to the nail salon and getting your nails done at the salon. It only takes 20 minutes or less.
Long lasting - lasts for over two weeks if nails are properly prepared.
Doesn't damage nails - won't soak off with harsh chemicals. Simply use a wooden cuticle stick to gently remove the nail cap.
Long drying time - unlike nail polish, there's no need to wait for your nails to dry so you don't have to worry about smudges, dents or fabric/hair marks.
Doesn't smudge - unlike nail polish, there is no spillage or accidental application onto fingers.
No Odor - Unlike gel nail polish, Gellaes have no odor.
No Design Skills Required - You don't need to know how to do nail art, the design on the sticker is already done.
SUPER FUN - You can change your nails anytime you want! With over 1000 designs to choose from, your nails will always look fresh.

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The company has passed BSCI social responsibility system certification and ISO9001 quality system certification.

Our products are SGS certified, FDA certified, and comply with the global cosmetic standards of the United States and the European Union.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kindle Customer
Great product but a little pricy

I loved the product! This was my first time using anything like this! They chipped easy and didn’t last more than a week but they looked really good at first! Can only get two manicures out of a pack if that because I have wide nails so I had to use same size on more than one finger

Easy to use!

Let me start off by saying i am obsessed! I use to get my nails done bi- weekly at the local mall. But it got to be too much and i always hated how weak and brittle my nails were after. I’ve tried dozen of press on nails and can find ones that stay on! I seen these on tik tok and thought i would give them a try! They are wonderful! I’ve had them on for 5 days so far and they haven’t popped off! I cut them to just a little longer than my actual nails and they are doing great! The gel gets so hard it actually looks like and feel like acrylic nails from a salon! My only complaint is that my hair gets stuck under them, but that could be user error from not getting them on perfect! I’m sure practice makes perfect. For my first time, they are not the best but it was easy to do! I already reordered another set!

Elena Kirk
Easy to apply

These are a cheap, and effective way to get a gel manicure at home! These worked perfectly and stayed put for my whole vacation. I have seen some videos after I applied these to keep them from lifting a little from the cuticles, so next time I’ll try that. I took them off after a week, only because I chipped one at the airport when I was getting my luggage. Total freak accident and I think these actually protected my natural nail from breaking. These are durable, strong, and overall just fantastic! Didn’t damage my nails at all, and my nails grew so fast while wearing these! Wow!