Fluid Bear Dyes Optional Color

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BEST GIFT: This DIY teddy bear toy set is the best gift for lovers, friends and yourself. Our bear body is made of high quality eco-friendly vinyl technology.
The most creative gift: In a quiet and unrestrained environment, people can show any scenes, memories, dreams, etc. imagined in their minds on their own works, and share their happiness and creativity with people! You can also gift your creative works to friends, couples, friends, and colleagues. Then it is not only a gift, because as a work, it is full of your creativity, your heart, and your love.
Method steps: 1. Choose your favorite color 2. Pour the paint into the cup 3. After preparing the paint, mix it layer by layer 4. According to the paint you shot, you can mix and match the paint and pour it between the paints, do not stir! 5. Pour down the adjusted color slowly and evenly (children should be accompanied by adults) 6. Set aside to dry.
Package includes: bear mold, brushes, paints, drawing plates, protective pads, disposable apron. All paints are high-gloss acrylic paints that can be air-dried naturally in 48 hours, or can be heated to air-dry to speed up.
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